Yes for our children’s sake

Photo credit: Yes Scotland by Anne Houston, former Chief Executive of Children 1st The official polling card for the Scottish Independence Referendum has just dropped through my letterbox. I feel…


What is Scotland’s place in the world in the 21st century?

  What is Scotland’s place in the world in the 21st century? It is one of the many interesting questions sparked by the referendum, and it is clear that the…


With Yes, we can work to create a fairer and more inclusive Scotland for us all.

  by Jill Wood, Third Sector Yes  My reason for voting Yes hinges on the prospect of achieving more equality and social justice in an independent Scotland. I do have reservations…


The Referendum and the Third Sector in Scotland

  While more and more third sector staff are joining the growing movement in support of a yes vote this September, we know that many folk are still undecided or…


My advice? Vote YES for the chance of an independent life in an independent Scotland.

  Part of Scottish society has been seeking independence for substantially longer than the SNP. Who has shown such dedication to the cause? Scotland’s disabled people, that’s who. The independence…


Equality, agency and self-determination

There’s been a significant shift in the London-based media’s focus over the last few weeks, as they have turned their attention to indyref. Some are sending senior journalists northwards to…


Rob – Humanitarian in West Africa

I will return to the west coast of Scotland in September to vote YES. I have been heartened by the opinions of many of my colleagues across the world who…


Sector poll reveals massive support for Yes vote

  A poll for Scotland’s main Third Sector publication has revealed overwhelming support for independence. Last week Third Force News asked its readers to vote for what they saw as…


Dr Liza Cleland

  Willing to bet what little I have on us. I’m voting YES because I know that people think and act differently when they see that their choices are meaningful….


True global leaders

This article was originally published in The Herald Jim Murphy’s article on Scotland’s role in the world neatly sums up two reasons why so many people rooted in Scotland’s international…